RocKOON(박태준)은 Street, Urban Culture 감성을 중심으로 캐릭터 디자인 및 토이 제작을 하고 있는 Hands in Factory의 Toy Modeler겸 Coolrain Studio에서 Toy Artist이다. 그는 Running Horns, Ape Town Series를 포함한 각종 Design Toy 및 12inch 토이를 제작하며, SAKUN, AMOEBAHOOD, LINE 토이 제작에도 참여하는 등 다양한 활동을 하고 있는 아티스트다.



2013     “Black” Solo Exhibition (FIFTY FIFTY Gallery)

2015     “Art Toy Culture 2015” (DDP)
2015     “1st Debec Art Toy Fair” (Debec Gallery)
2015     “White Monster” Exhibition (Everyday Mooonday Gallery)
2014     “Midnight – Hands in Factory & 12Dot” Exhibition (Everyday Mooonday Gallery)
2014     “Naked & Denim Jean” Exhibition (The Gallery)
2014     “ATCS Preview” (63 Sky Art)
2014     “Clique” Art Toy Exhibition (Gumho Gallery, Gwangju)
2014     “Taipei Toy Festival” (Taipei)
2014     “Art Toy Culture 2014” (DDP)
2013     Coolrain Studio 3rd Exhibition “Pace Maker” (Ronin Boundary)
2013     “We Love Vinyl 3” with Team TOMODACHI (Minnesota)
2013     “STGCC” with Mighty MIGHTY JAXX
2013     “Design Art Toy Special Korea” Exhibition
2013     “Hi, Art Toys!” Exhibition (Hibrand)
2013     “Sports Art Korea” (Speedom Art Gallery)
2013     “Taipei Toy Festival” (Taipei)
2012     “Taipei Toy Festival” (Taipei)
2012     “Synergy” Exhibition (5Pointz Gallery)
2012     “Reb Bull F1 Showrun Korea” Exhibition
2012     “Running Horns” Exhibition (상상마당)
2012     Coolrain Studio 2nd Exhibition “Start Line” (Wyln Gallery)
2012     “Taipei Toy Festival” (Taipei)
2011     “Amoebahood” Exhibition (상상마당)
2011     “Evolve Coolrain” Exhibition with DAVE WHITE
2011     Coolrain Studio 1st Exhibition “Square One” (WDS Gallery)
2011     “SSMD Design Figure” Exhibition (상상마당)
2010, 2009     “Seoul Doll Festival”
2010, 2009, 2008     “Seoul Character Licensing Fair”


2015     “Running Horns X Clash of Clans” Promotion (DDP)
2015     “PLAYBOY 60th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Art Toy’s” Line Up
2014     Donate “Sung Hwan Cho” LOTTE GIANTS
2014     “City of Mist” Promotion Custom Artwork
2014     “Fashion Retail Fair 2014” Promotion
2014     “Reebok Instapump Fury” Promotion
2013     “Bratson 2013 F/W Showcase” Collaboration
2013     Original Art Roy Collection “Baby Horns” Launching
2012     “NBA Dream Team Project” with NIKE KOREA (Hoop City)


DSC_3794Fire Horn ver.Bratson

P20131024_182343059_F41BBD80-3937-4028-88D0-A359F4748EF4Fire Horn ver.Snow boarder

DSC_2617Running Horns

DSC_3271Baby Horns